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SAP Business One Tips You Can Use Now 

As an SAP Business One user, you may be working from home right now and trying to complete the same tasks you would in the office every day. Now more than ever, you need SAP Business One tips and tricks to help you get access to key data for fast decision-making.

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As an SAP Business One Partner, Vision33 has created hundreds of tips and tricks and ‘how to’ documents for our SAP Business One customers over the years. As you continue to work from home, you may not have access to all your previous files or those priceless ‘sticky notes’ with shortcut keys we always have covering our monitor or desk. So, we wanted to create this one quick resource page you can bookmark for how to use SAP Business One tips, tricks and best practices. Check out some of the tips you'll have access to when you fill out the form: 

1. How to Access A List Of Keyboard Shortcuts For SAP Business One
This is a must have document that includes basic keyboard shortcuts for SAP Business One. Print this off or download and save to your desktop for a quick and easy reference.

2. How to Run An Accounts Receivable Aging Report
The ‘Accounts Receivable Aging Report’ in SAP Business One is what you need right now more than ever to know your financial status. This step-by-step process will help you evaluate the credit quality of your customers and manage your cash flow.

3. How to Generate An Inventory Audit Report
The Inventory Audit Report in SAP Business One shows the history of every transaction, so you can drill to the exact document that has affected any item balance. This step by step process will help you compare the accounting view and logistics view, as it explains the value changes in inventory.

4. How to Create Bin Locations Inside SAP Business One
Bin locations speed up the process of receipts and inventory related issues in your bin locations. This quick SAP Business One tutorial will help you easily learn how to set up bin locations inside of SAP Business One.

5. How to Provide Pricing Enhancements For Discount Groups In SAP Business One
In challenging times, you may want to give certain customer groups special features or specific discounts for a certain period of time. This step-by-step process shows how you can provide pricing changes and discounts to your customers within SAP Business One.

6. How to Back-up And Restore Your SAP Business One Database
You need to work with the most updated data when testing your system, but you don’t want to try things out live on your production database. Follow this step-by-step process to see how you can restore your production database in a test database. This way you can try out new queries and reports before moving them to a production environment.

7. How to Run Basic Queries And Use the Query Wizard Inside SAP Business One
Queries are the basis of reporting inside of SAP Business One. In this SAP Business One tutorial, experience a great refresher on the query generator and query wizard to help get the most up to date information from your operations.

8. How to Close Out Month End Reporting With SAP Business One
Month end closing in SAP Business One is a key process your accounting department should be using every month. Here you will find a 7-step outline to close out your month and make sure your financial statements are complete.

Fill out the form and receive instant access to links we typically share with our customer community that walk you through step by step how to perform the key tasks below. We have also included an SAP Business One shortcut keys PDF document for you to download and keep on your new makeshift desk at home right now.

You are one step ahead of so many other organizations right now, as you have already made the investment in the right technology to get your business through these times. However, you need to make sure you are putting your investment to work for you. If you feel you need more support on how to use SAP Business One or want to look at options like moving to the cloud or integration with other tools, Vision33 is here to support you. Contact us today.

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Vision33 is consistently recognized by the industry and SAP for its notable growth and dedication.


Vision33 – Our Customers' Comments

Emerald Home Furnishings

"SAP Business One gives us the capability of a larger company."

Linda Roberts
Office Manager, Emerald Home Furnishings
Jason Plastics Success Story

"We looked at a number of systems to deal with our challenges and they just weren’t capable, but SAP Business One was."

Emma Higgins
Sales Manager, Jason Plastics
Green tech

"SAP Business One has helped our business grow over the last 12 years, and I see no reason why it wouldn’t be able to allow us to grow over the next 12 years and beyond."

Rachel Kay
Managing Director, Green Tech
Huy Fong Foods Success Story

"Vision33 are not just sales people, they really care about us. They care if we grow and if we are successful in using SAP Business One."

Donna Lam
Executive Operation Officer, Huy Fong Foods
EMA Success Story

"SAP brought to us a fully integrated approach where everything is on one platform. In addition, we now have the data to support how we would ramp up that growth thanks to SAP Business One."

Mike Hylla
Owner, Environmental Management Alternatives, Inc
Envelopments Success Story

"With SAP Business One an order is made through our web site, we have achieved order turnaround in about 14 minutes; that’s real value for our customers."

Mark Smith
Co-Founder and President, Envelopments
Avinger Success Story

“Implementing SAP Business One has helped us bring together finance, supply chain, logistics and warehouse management under one platform and it has really transformed the way we do and run our business.”

Bill Francis
Director of Information, Avinger
GFR Pharma Ltd. Customer Success Story

"Using SAP Business One we are now able to promptly get information to our customers that we weren’t able to get before – creating customer loyalty."

Ted Wiebe
Controller, GFR Pharma Ltd.