SAP Business One vs. NetSuite

As your business continues to grow, you’ll realize what’s working and what isn’t. You may find the accounting software that was ideal when you were getting started is no longer a good fit. Should you keep spending time and money trying to improve your current application, or should you consider an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that can grow with you?

A lot of companies like yours have struggled with having their financials, operations, CRM, inventory, and payroll scattered across software with different add-ons. Trying to tie all of these functions together leads to inefficiencies, errors, and less time to focus on keeping customers happy. If this sounds familiar, maybe the pain of using your current software has finally outweighed the pain of making a transition.

Many companies considering ERP have NetSuite and SAP Business One on their shortlist. In this situation, it’s important to understand which one is the better option to streamline your operations and help you see the bigger picture. 

Vision33 is an advocate for helping growing businesses better manage their operations. We have created a simple document with a 9-point comparison of NetSuite and SAP Business One to help you make an informed decision about ERP.

In this 9-Point Software Comparison, you’ll discover:

  • Which software allows you to pay ONLY for what you need
  • Which software has better mobile apps
  • How subscription models can end up costing you a fortune
  • Who has the most data centers
  • Which software integrates better and is more intuitive

At Vision33, we know this is a big decision. Check out our website and download the 9-point comparison now and discover which software is a better solution for you.

SAP Business One Key Capabilities

Industry-specific ERP Solutions

Take advantage of functionalities, best practices, and processes enabled by SAP Business One studio, software development kit, or a choice of over 500 add-on solutions.

Sales and customer management

Automate accounting tasks and conduct banking activities with one ERP solution. Unite financial operations with other processes to speed transactions and improve cash flow.

Purchasing and inventory control

Access accurate insight on inbound and outbound shipments, inventory levels, and item location. Run real-time updates, valuations, availability, and pricing impact reports.

Business Intelligence

Gather data from multiple sources and generate timely and accurate reports based on company-wide data. Choose from a variety of report formats, dashboards, and configurations.

Analytics and reporting

Manage inventory across multiple warehouses and maintain cost-effective production. Track stock movements, optimize inventory, improve delivery time, and eliminate stock-outs.

Financial management

Automate accounting tasks and conduct banking activities with one ERP solution. Unite financial operations with other processes to speed transactions and improve cash flow.



Vision33 is consistently recognized by the industry and SAP for its notable growth and dedication.

SAP Business One Pinnacle Award 2016 SAP Business One Pinnacle Award 2017 SAP Business One North America Regional Awards SAP Business One Fast Growth Award from CRN SAP Business One Top 100 Vars Award from Bob Scott's

Vision33 – Our Customers' Comments

Emerald Home Furnishings

"SAP Business One gives us the capability of a larger company."

Linda Roberts
Office Manager, Emerald Home Furnishings
Jason Plastics Success Story

"We looked at a number of systems to deal with our challenges and they just weren’t capable, but SAP Business One was."

Emma Higgins
Sales Manager, Jason Plastics
Green tech

"SAP Business One has helped our business grow over the last 12 years, and I see no reason why it wouldn’t be able to allow us to grow over the next 12 years and beyond."

Rachel Kay
Managing Director, Green Tech
Huy Fong Foods Success Story

"Vision33 are not just sales people, they really care about us. They care if we grow and if we are successful in using SAP Business One."

Donna Lam
Executive Operation Officer, Huy Fong Foods
EMA Success Story

"SAP brought to us a fully integrated approach where everything is on one platform. In addition, we now have the data to support how we would ramp up that growth thanks to SAP Business One."

Mike Hylla
Owner, Environmental Management Alternatives, Inc
Envelopments Success Story

"With SAP Business One an order is made through our web site, we have achieved order turnaround in about 14 minutes; that’s real value for our customers."

Mark Smith
Co-Founder and President, Envelopments
Avinger Success Story

“Implementing SAP Business One has helped us bring together finance, supply chain, logistics and warehouse management under one platform and it has really transformed the way we do and run our business.”

Bill Francis
Director of Information, Avinger
GFR Pharma Ltd. Customer Success Story

"Using SAP Business One we are now able to promptly get information to our customers that we weren’t able to get before – creating customer loyalty."

Ted Wiebe
Controller, GFR Pharma Ltd.