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Northeast SMB Growth Show

We're taking our business "show" on the road, and you're invited to join us!

David Strausser is an intrepid life explorer and guide.

We invite you to join us as on a four-hour journey that can change the arc of your growing business.

The obstacles to growing your business consistently and profitably are varied, and many. Breaking down these barriers is the first step to growth and expansion. David has been crossing borders – literally! – his entire career, striving for growth and success. International trade, mixing his passion for music and business, technology, and his multi-cultural family give him a unique vision of what the future can hold and what your business could be.

This four-hour journey will teach you new ways to consider and conquer obstacles blocking your growth. David’s unique group of experts to show you how to tackle the challenges presented by:

  • E-commerce
  • Inventory and fulfillment
  • The taxes associated with expanding
  • The marketing necessary to grow
Join David, Samantha Stone (author of Unleash Possible), and other growth experts at one of the 15 cities on our east coast tour. Tickets are $25 and include lunch.

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Hosted By: 

David Strausser-1

David Strausser,

Samantha Stone

Samantha Stone, Author
Unleash Possible

Keynote Speaker: Samantha Stone, Author

Unleash Possible

There is no shortage of inspiring advice calling on you to transform your marketing efforts. They all preach, correctly, that B2B marketing has changed and buyers are in control.

The problem is- most advice tells you to transform, but does little to address the practical realities and challenges of making changes in organizations that have complex relationships with sales.

"Unleash Possible" changes that- it is a how-to manual for B2B marketers in complex selling environments.

Samantha Stone, the author of 'Unleash Possible', doesn't just tell you what to do, she shows you how to do it, and how to partner with sales to get the right results.

She is a revenue catalyst who takes her lessons to organizations with complex selling environments and helps them unleash the possible. She is a fast-growth, B2B marketing junkie, author, speaker, consultant, persona coach, and now- our keynote speaker at the Growth Show Un-Seminar.

Host: David Strausser, Intrepid Life Explorer, Vision33

Embrace the Unfamiliar to Grow

At eighteen David packed up his life and moved to Tijuana.

Why? Because he was young and curious. He wanted to explore a life and culture entirely different than the one he was accustomed.

David's curiosity about the unknown has been the driving force behind success in his career. To David, every obstacle to growth presents an opportunity to explore and grow.

At the Growth Show Un-Seminar, you will have the opportunity to learn from David's experience in international trade and technology. See how his passion for music and a multi-cultural family give him a colorful and unique vision of what the future can hold and what your business could be.

Speakers: Mads Harding and Ralph Hess, BoyumIT

Unlock the Value in Your Supply Chain

... It all starts when a single inventory item arrives at your premises.

That single item gets combined with others in the manufacturing process. The now finished goods move to your warehouse to get ready for shipment. Delivery drivers then take your finished goods and deliver them to your waiting customers.

You know more than anyone that from that single inventory item through to delivery the customer- the entire process relies on having what is needed when it is needed.

This can be a demanding process and will become a major barrier to growth for your business. Soon off the shelf web apps, hand-written notes, and spreadsheets will become a headache for your business.

Mads Harding and Ralph hess from have spent their careers helping SMBs that have come up against this barrier get their business operations organized and ready to grow with confidence.

Speaker: Ryan Ortiz, K-eCommerce

Unchain Your Market with E-commerce

Imagine an investment that attracts first-time buyers over the Internet, simplifies purchases with self-service ordering, and expands your market reach from local to global—all without hiring additional staff. An e-commerce channel offers significant competitive advantages for B2B companies— but it does present its own set of major challenges.

Ryan Ortiz has spent his career helping businesses leverage technology to help them streamline their businesses and prepare them for growth while helping them address the challenges that come with embracing new technology. At our Un-seminar, Ryan will walk you through

  • Optimizing business data management and reducing operational costs
  • Best practices in creating your B2C customer experience
  • The power of cloud-based SaaS platforms to expand and grow with your business

Speaker: John Regan, Avalara

Untangle Tax Compliance

Last year the Supreme Court re-wrote the rules on sales tax compliance across the country based on the state of a seller’s economic activity. States have had to rapidly adopt completely new tax laws to accommodate. Changes that form yet another barrier holding back your business growth.

  • How will the rulings impact my business and what do I have to watch out for as my business grows?
  • How will the affect businesses that use marketplaces like Amazon or eBay?
  • How can automation mitigate risk?
  • How can I get free automated compliance in 24 states?

John Regan is an award-winning technology solution advocate who has worked with Toshiba, Infini, CBS, and now with Avalara. His varied experience positions him as an ideal guide to help you navigate the impacts of these new state tax laws and the complex, error-prone world of tax compliance.

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