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In business for over 50 years, Emerald Home Furnishings needed a solution that could manage their production lines, support their plans for continued growth and expansion, and track their inventory all the way through the system. In a competitive industry, they needed to be able to step up and meet their customers’ demands.

Watch this video and learn how with the technology in place – Emerald Home Furnishings was able to better manage their inventory and data. By implementing an easy to use product configurator, they were able to determine stock levels, appropriately quote made-to-order products, and issue the right amount of product to their production lines. This has saved considerable time and headaches! Customers know from the start what options are possible and the orders are easily configured without adding time and complexity any longer to the bill of materials and manufacturing process.

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“We are on pace to do $100 Million this year - this solution was able to support us as we grow."

 - David Beckmann, President, Emerald Home Furnishings


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