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Being a successful business in the furniture and fixtures market, requires strong customer service. You regularly hear ‘can I have this chair in this style and this fabric?’ The floor sales rep may say a resounding ‘YES, of course’ only to find out moments later that isn’t a possibility. You’re left with a disappointed customer and frustrated sales rep.

Made-to-order furniture manufacturers need strong inventory control and stock management to ensure they know what they have in stock at all times and what is possible. With multiple options for product configurations, and hundreds of bills of materials, successful furniture and fixtures manufacturers have to be able to accurately quote customers with available stock options, and then issue the right amount of product to their production lines. All of this in the shortest amount of time possible.

Watch this quick video to see how one furniture manufacturer was able to make customers and employees happy by gaining full visibility into their inventory and data. The use of a built-in product configurator saved so much time and endless frustration by providing item traceability and accurate delivery dates to their customers.

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