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Expense User for Employee Portal is a web-based solution that allows your employees to save time and keep track of their expenses by submitting them directly into SAP Business One from any device (iPhone, iPad, Android, and more).

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Get a hands-on look at what your employees would see. Use the login information provided on the screen and get instant access to experience Expense User for Employee Portal first-hand.

View the expense dashboard and submit an expense with the click of a button.  Receipts, scans, photos and more can be attached to the claims as proofs. Take the test drive and submit requests, claims, view approval history and easily access detailed expense reports within Expense User for Employee Portal.  


Reduce Time Spent on Submitting Expenses with SAP Business One.

Expense User for Employee Portal updates your SAP Business One application with your expense information so that your employees can prevent late reimbursements and losing valuable business relationships with your vendors. Expense User for Employee Portal creates an automated expense reporting and approval system that allows your employees to:

  • Take photos of receipts with a mobile device and upload into an expense report
  • Associate individual line items or a total amount with specific projects 
  • Securely access real-time expense reports from their mobile devices
  • Update expense reports with transactions directly from their credit cards 

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