Do you struggle to gain a single version of the truth from disconnected systems within your government? Tracking down the status of a permit application. Confirming a resident’s current mailing information. Pulling a report of outstanding invoices across all departments. These time-consuming tasks can add up fast.

If you’ve ever had to log on to seven different systems just to find a single answer, you know how much frustration, confusion, and wasted time can come from siloed systems. There’s a better way. It might not be realistic to eliminate the use of multiple systems, but it is possible to better integrate information across your organization.

Watch this 20-minute presentation from eGov General Manager Derek Porter to learn how government agencies are leveraging government technology to break down silos and drive more efficient, transparent processes. 

Topics covered include: 

  • The evolution of government IT: Technology and IT are shifting from a back-office role with a focus on tech support to an enabling role, empowering departments and agencies to lead themselves in more transparent and effective ways.

  • Responding to the climate of today: Silos are the biggest barrier to achieving your government objectives. Purpose-built solutions can be implemented efficiently and cost-effectively at the department level, but can prove challenging to integrate together.

  • Integration Platform as a Service: An integration platform reduces costs and complications by connecting your tools together so they act as a single system that enables your organization to do more — with less.


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