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Whether you’re relying on paper-based systems or working with outdated software, your processes determine how well you’re able to serve citizens and other stakeholders. If your agency is losing valuable time to tasks like digging through files to find information, manually entering data, compiling reports, or reconciling disconnected systems — the Amanda Government Platform is a solution you’ll want to learn more about. 

Amanda can be tailored to meet the unique needs of any agency while remaining scalable and maintainable. With robust integration capabilities, Ananda works within your existing and future technology ecosystem. This is a platform that increases transparency and collaboration across multiple departments, making Amanda an essential solution for your entire agency. 

In this case study bundle, you’ll learn how the Amanda Government Platform can be used to transform government operations and create more efficient, transparent processes. Read the story of these three government agencies and the problems Amanda solved for them: 

  • Public Health Department — City of Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Responsible for the regulation of approximately 18,000 food establishments, Toronto reinvented their Food Safety Inspection restaurant program with the help of AmandaThe city now also uses Amanda for other programs, including Healthy Environments groups, Infection Control, day nursery inspections, smoking bylaw infractions, vaccine cold chain inspections, pool safety, barber shops, and tattoo parlors.

  • Clean Water Services, Oregon: Replacing an outdated legacy permitting software solution, Amanda helps Clean Water Services track workflows and plans submitted for review throughout the organization. After implementing Amanda for the Development Services team, the Capital department also began using Amanda for tracking ongoing sewer work and building projects from beginning to end.

  • Multiple departments in Thurston County, Washington: The county wanted to replace an outdated permit tracking system with a solution that would allow information to be stored centrally in a single database. Amanda provides a seamless experience for users, integrating with other systems and bringing permit information together on one system for the Environmental Health, Building, Planning, Roads and Transportation Services, and Water and Waste Management departments. 


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