Boost CRM Adoption and Engage with Prospects in Record Time
Overcoming the CRM Conundrum

Sales leaders usually have no problem grasping the value of CRM concepts, process and tools; they provide the visibility and control to allow a business to manage one of its most valuable assets – customer and prospect data.  

Well used CRM systems will provide key insights into how in to how programs, processes and people are performing leading to an increase in performance, optimized sales processes and ultimately driving sales performance.  

For sales people, however, the implementation of a new CRM tool is often viewed as adding unnecessary steps and control that distract from what they want to be doing – selling. In reality, the access to all relevant information on customers and prospects in real time makes it even more helpful to sales teams as it is to managers.

Join Mark Hughes, our Senior ERP Subject Matter Expert, in this webinar to learn how to boost CRM adoption from the ground up - starting with the initial process design through roll out and into continuously driving improvement  into your everyday practices.

This webinar will help you get traction by focusing on 4 key areas:

  • Involving the team in defining the business need.
  • Getting buy-in during the early stages of tool selection & process design.
  • Ensuring adoption during roll out.
  • Maximizing the value of the investment over time.
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