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Recipe for Success: Bill of Materials Best Practices 

Regardless of what you manufacture or bill of materials (BOM) your business utilizes, an accurate and well-managed BOM increases your revenue with faster product releases and lower product costs. Scrap quantity, routing operations, phantom flags, and by-products are several things that factor into precise BOMs.

Poorly managed BOMs, however, lead your business down the wrong road. Inaccurate part information, excess inventory, or quality issues equal longer time to market and profit loss.

To be competitive, your business must run lean, and getting a handle on your BOMs will help you improve your bottom line. You need a single version of the truth to share between departments.

Whether you’re setting up BOM for the first time or trying to improve your production, the process can be daunting. We understand. Having the right technology will give you the ingredients you need to streamline your operations and get – and stay – ahead of the competition.

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