Achieving Accurate Perpetual Inventory

On-demand webinar

Burgeoning inventories, multiple warehouses, and inaccurate inventory counting – for growing wholesale distributors and retailers, stock can morph into an untamed (and unaffordable) monster in a short period of time.

Your ability to carry out effective inventory management is only as good as the system you use to support it. While many organizations strive to achieve their goals, putting these ambitions into actions can be more challenging to accomplish.

Utilizing perpetual inventory functionality is not only critical for accurate financial reporting, but with proper setup it also helps your team to get the right order for your customers without having excess sitting on your shelf.

Join Mark Hughes, our ERP Subject Matter Expert, in this webinar to discover:

  • What is perpetual inventory and how to implement it in your business
  • The differences between periodic inventory and perpetual inventory
  • Why perpetual inventory is necessary for accurate financial reporting
  • Why better inventory management helps satisfy customers

Whether you are new to inventory management or you just need a refresher, this webinar will give you food for thought as to how you can use perpetual inventory to run a leaner warehouse and deliver a better experience to your customers.