Which Parts of "Lean Manufacturing" Would Work For My Growing Business?

Greater profits, improved productivity, reduced costs - the term "lean manufacturing" sure has its sizzle. "Lean Manufacturing" has been used as a catch-all term for anything that is related to continuous improvement or Kanban, but it is lean manufacturing just another business buzzword, or is it something that you should be implementing at your company? 

Regardless of the hype, it is important that you apply relevant techniques and technology to your business that eliminates waste and delivers value to customers at the same time. 

Join Mark Hughes, our Senior ERP Subject Matter Expert in this on-demand webinar as we look at the different lean manufacturing techniques and see which one might be appropriate for your business.

If you are considering implementing lean techniques, or you may already have them in place, this webinar will give you food for thought as to whether you are currently using the right "lean" techniques for your business.